Let’s face it, life is busy! You want to feel better, healthier, faster. Let us show you why Cryotherapy is the missing piece to your routine! Whether your recovering from a workout, looking for relief from wear and tear on your body, or even just looking for a mental boost- Cryotherapy offers a benefit for everyone.

Essentially, Cryotherapy is the process of utilizing the amazing therapeutic benefits of low temperatures in a quick, three-minute session in the Cryo Chamber.  Exposing the entire human body to ultra-low temperatures for the recovery of the circulatory, nervous and energy systems is an effective healing technology that is catching on in the U.S.  According to scientific and medical research, the optimal efficiency of cryotherapy procedures for the whole body is achieved by placing the body in temperatures up to -120 to -170°C (- 184 to -280F) for 1-3 minutes.  This lowers the temperature of the skin surface which provokes physiological reactions that promote treatment and recovery.  Whole Body Cryotherapy is used world wide to treat pain and inflammation, restore energy, improve overall health and reduce stress.

Research indicates that controlled low-temperature conditions have an analgesic effect at the neuron level, which leads to positive mood, and therefore acts as an antidepressant and treats sleep disorders. Cryotherapy treatment is fast becoming a popular practice, most notably in sports rehabilitation where most professional athletes use Cryotherapy as an effective method to improve muscle tone and accelerate regeneration after trauma. The same healing properties used to treat athletes are being utilized by doctors; offering patients an alternative to pain medication.

6 Key Benefits Of Cryotherapy

Health is wealth and keeping your immune system strong helps your body fight off infection and keep your processes running smoothly. Cryotherapy is a Natural Therapeutic Process that sends messages to the brain to activate the immune system, prompting every organ in the body to heal and repair its self.

During Cryotherapy, the oxygen and nutrients in your blood increases roughly four times in comparison with the normal state of the body. This oxygen-rich blood flows through the body, helping rid the body of toxins and thereby strengthening the immune system.

Cryotherapy increases anaerobic power. The release of nutrients, enzymes, hormones, and enhanced oxygenated blood help muscles and the systematic nervous system function. Cryotherapy also increases pain tolerance to fatiguing exercises allowing for increased performance.

Cryotherapy can reduce pain in a number of ways. First, it reduces inflammation, it can effect the nerve signals and slow down their transmission which may reduce the amount of pain signals to the brain and it increases norepinephrine levels.

People with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and back pain have also found that cryotherapy reduced their pain. Cryotherapy can not only manage pain but reduce swelling and at the same time increases oxygen and blood flow to the injured area which stimulates the healing process.

Cryotherapy improves blood circulation, which causes an increase in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients around the body. The brain releases natural “feel good” endorphins to help keep on with the extreme cold temperatures. These same endorphins increase energy levels and leave you with a euphoric feeling, for up to 8 hours

Cryotherapy alone will not cause weight loss, but it could help. In theory, cooling the body makes it work harder, activating its latent recovery potentials to keep warm. A few minutes in the cold can improve metabolism for the whole day.

In terms of beauty benefits, cryotherapy increases collagen production, which in turn tightens the skin and brings forth a youthful glow. Cryotherapy stimulates blood circulation, releases enhanced levels of endorphins and increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the areas of the body that need revitalizing.

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