It’s a soothing, relaxing environment which encapsulates the body in a pod of energized, super-heated air which constantly cycles throughout the POD. This action energizes the air molecules and intensifies the level of heat generated.

The Cocoon works by using infrared wavelengths of light to heat the body itself, rather than heating the space around it. The heat vibrates water molecules in the body so much that they break down. The result is a healthy release of toxins that you sweat out.

Whether you are looking to relax with a hot, full body massage, lose weight and inches, or firm and tone your body, the cocoon offers something for every-body.

The Infrared Sauna session lasts 30 minutes, the temperature ranges from 30° C (86° F) to 88° C (190° F). The unique “head-out” design an cooling air flow allows the user to experience benefits of high-heat for extended periods of time. The entire body perspires more effectively and efficiency. Pores are opened and unclogged – toxins and impurities are expelled. Metabolic rate is increased, calories and fat are burned at a faster rate.

• Lose Weight, Burns Fat & Calories
• Firms & Tones Muscles
• Increases Energy & Endurance
• Rejuvenates the Skin

• Relieves Aches and Pains
• Boosts Mental Acuity
• Reduces Stress
• Detoxes & Purifies

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