White Mountain Cryotherapy is dedicated to using the best technology in cold therapy (Cryotherapy) to revive the body and promote the body’s natural healing abilities. Cryotherapy is an emerging practice in the fitness and wellness industry where clients enter a chamber with sub-freezing temperatures in order to reduce pain, muscle soreness and inflammation.

We believe that whole-body wellness is essential for a competitive and healthy life. The many benefits of Cryotherapy includes reduced pain and inflammation, accelerated sports recovery, improved sleep, elevated mood, mental alertness, as well as collagen and antioxidant synthesis.

Our culture demands a commitment of excellence, safety and wellness that we are proud to deliver. We maintain an enjoyable relaxing atmosphere where customers can come to help recover from various ailments for their fitness and to improve quality of life. We value the customer and support them in improving their lives through better health and well-being.

White Mountain Cryotherapy is located in the Persimmon Point shopping Center at 1120 Technology Drive, #114, O’Fallon, MO 63367


In the past- I have been to cryotherapy places that felt like I was at a doctors office. This is NOT like that! This is a spa! And you get the full spa treatment. All 3 of the ladies I have met there were knowledgeable and friendly. My chiropractor initially recommended cryotherapy since I am horrible about icing after my adjustments. This has not only cut down on the after adjustment soreness but it has made me feel overall younger and healthier. The energy it gives me makes me want to eat healthier and just BE healthier! I also love love love the sauna pod! It feels amazing after the cryo booth!

Kasey W. - O'Fallon, Missouri



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